How is it Friday again?!?! I cannot believe it. I am SO ready for the weekend. Work was busy this week and I miss my babies! My oldest has been BEGGING to go ice skating… View Full Post View Post

I am so excited to be having Joy guest blog for me today!! She the New York based life and style blogger behind She is filled with joy, so fitting to her name. She is… View Full Post View Post

I recently stumbled across this quote and it hit me so hard. ” And if I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take you to name yourself?”… View Full Post View Post

I recently completed a 20 day bible study hosted by Havilah Cunnington about dream chasing God’s way.  The bible study was called “Eat Pray Hustle- Dream Chasing God’s Way”.  I loved it because I couldn’t watch… View Full Post View Post

Guys, its Friday!!! Is anyone else excited about the weekend?! I am exceptionally excited about this upcoming weekend because it is our home town conference! Every year Jesus Culture does a conference here in Sacramento.  I am… View Full Post View Post